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1.1 You will be held accountable for all actions and violations on your account. Punishments will be given regardless of excuse. If your punishment is unjust or given by error, you can appeal it by opening a support ticket on our discord.

1.2 Evasion of punishment is not allowed in any capacity.

1.3 Do not attempt to impersonate other players or staff.

1.4 Use common sense.

  • It is impossible to list every rule. If staff determine an action to be a violation of a rule that is not explicitly stated, you can still be punished for it.


2.1 Advertising is NOT allowed

2.2 Swearing is allowed in moderation.

2.3 Harassment, trolling, and bigotry are strictly prohibited.

2.4 Discussion of politics and religion is NOT allowed.

2.5 Chat spam and typing in all caps is NOT permitted and may result in disciplinary action if overdone. 

2.6  Do NOT reveal personal information about yourself or others. This is known as doxing and is taken seriously by staff.

2.7 Engish is the only language allowed in chat. 

2.8 Disrespect directed toward staff is NOT allowed.

2.9 Inappropriate usernames and nicknames are NOT allowed. If something is on the border, it is most likely not allowed.

2.10 Use of dark colors are strongly discouraged from chat due to them being difficult to read.

2.11 Nicknames must be 32 visual characters or less.

2.12 False Auction bidding in chat is NOT permitted.


3.1 Griefing is NOT allowed, regardless of whether or not the build is claimed. Scamming and raiding are also unacceptable.

3.2 Exploiting glitches is NOT acceptable and may result with a ban. If you find a bug, report it to staff to get a special chat tag.

3.3 Any builds that may be deemed offensive by others are NOT allowed. 

3.4 Builds must be at least 200 blocks away from any nearby land claims. 

3.5 Creating players traps or a trap that can kill a player for their items is NOT allowed.

3.6 Using the auction house for advertising is NOT allowed.

3.7 Using wolves to afk farm is NOT allowed.

3.8 Using an alternate account is ONLY allowed if it is not used to gain a competitive advantage over other players. 

3.9 Builds that cause excessive amounts of lag on the server are NOT allowed, regardless of intention.    

3.10 You can have a maximum of 200 item frames and armor stands in a 10x10 chunk area. Do NOT place unnecessary item frames, pistons, signs, and chests. Use hoppers inseam of water streams for item transportation. 


  • Game modifications that give a competitive advantage (PvP or PvE) are NOT allowed. Mods that are purely cosmetic, such as OptiFine and Armor HUD, as well as turning up your brightness/gamma are permitted.

4.1 Using features of hack clients is NOT allowed

4.2 X-Raying is NOT allowed

4.3 Minimap mods ARE allowed, as long as they are NOT used to map out caves

4.4 Autoclickers and weighing down your keyboard/mouse with the intention of automating tasks is NOT allowed 

Server administrators reserve the right to append, modify, or overhaul the rules when necessary.

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